San Diego Jewish Times: Enjoy Your Simcha…And Leave The Work To Someone Else

Posted April 10th, 2003 in Uncategorized

When was the last time you enjoyed your own party? Were you worn out from being the hostess, decorator, bartender, short order cook, florist and busboy? Or did you just find yourself spending hours arranging for all these services? How can you enjoy your, own wedding , bar/bat mitzvah or simcha? The answer is to not work harder, but work smarter. San Diego’s hosts and hostesses in the know use event services and enjoy the1r events Instead of working them.

Event planning services may seem like ~ luxury, but they pay off by saving time, money and tsoris. When a host or hostess plans an event at a hotel that begins at 7 p.m., he or she doesn’t arrive at 7 p.m. They must be there several hours in advance to place centerpieces, arrange tables, organize vendors, etc. An event planing service such as Mitzvah Event Productions will do all this drudgery so you can be in shul with family, at the beauty parlor or just relax . .