San Diego Jewish Journal: This Isn’t Your Bubbe’s Bat Mitzvah

Posted March 1st, 2009 in Uncategorized

BESA’s Lydia Krasner knows her stuff when it comes to planning simchas.
By Jessica Hanewinckel

If there’s one thing Lydia Krasner prides herself on, it’s making sure each simcha she plans is unique, memorable and a true representation of the guest(s) of honor. And Krasner, an event consultant for BESA (Bar/ Bat Mitzvah Event Services Association) and coowner of Charming Expressions (a party entertainment vendor), knows what she’s doing. In her 14 years in the industry, and the 500 to 600 parties she’s planned, she’s seen it all, done it all and certainly coordinated it all. (In 2008, she planned 46 parties; 38 were had or bat mitzvahs, and the remaining eight were weddings or corporate events.)

“Bar mitzvahs used to be tuna and bagels at the synagogue,” Krasner says. “You see these old pictures, and there’s a piano player- she’s a woman with a big hairdo – and the girls are all in long dresses with a tie in the back, and the boys are toasting with punch. It’s so different now.”